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Is Your Keyword Marketing Campaign An Expense Or An Investment?

Is your website under performing? Have you tried pay per click search engine advertising, search engine optimization, banner advertising or other forms of keyword marketing, and not achieved the results you need to justify the expense? Ever wonder why?

The online sales process begins with a keyword search. Will your prospects find your site or that of your competitors when they search Google, MSN or YAHOO!? If they can't find you, they can't buy from you. Do you know how much traffic your site gets? If not, the first step is to get a tracking tool to start measuring activity on your website.

Does your site contain the right keywords? If it doesn't, you are losing free search engine referrals and all the sales associated with those referrals. Most search engines rank sites based on the keywords in the content of each page. If you don't use the keywords your audience uses to search, they'll never find you. A keyword marketing campaign can help to fix this.

Does it close sales? Picking the right keywords and attaining rankings through search engine optimization or pay per click advertising is only half the battle. Technology and graphics get way to much attention in the site development process. The customers and thier shopping habits are often an afterthought. In addition to writing for search engines you need to write for people. Provide them with the information they need in order to take the actions you want them to take on your website.

Keyword marketing is a process. A successful campaign is built one step at a time. It's an on-going process that yields slow, steady, incremental increases in search engine referrals, site visits and sales.

Ready to start getting a better return on your investment? Start here:

  • Keyword Research and Strategy - Determine how your customers search for what you offer so they find you when they use Internet search engines.
  • Keyword Wireframing - When you build your site, map out the relationships between the keywords your audience will use.
  • Keyword Optimization - Identifying the right keywords is only half the battle. Learn to make every page in your site a lead generator by attaining top search engine rankings.
  • Google AdWords Optimization - Increase your click-through rates, automatically optimize your ads to pay less per click, get more traffic with the same budget and make more money! Save over $200 per month on!
  • Online Copywriting - Search engines are primitive creatures. They don't really "understand" your copy..........but your copy has to be intelligible to humans, delightful, if you want to maximize your sales. Pick up some tips on online copywriting here.
  • Pay Per Click Advertising - Identify the top pay per click programs, learn to use them effectively and continually improve your results. You can be up and running with a global campaign in as little as 15 minutes. Get up and running faster with better campaigns by utilizing the new Google AdWords Analyzer program.
  • Web site analytics and ROI Tracking - Marketing is investing. Review a wide array of tracking tools and pick the right one to track your investments.

Are you ready to be a Keyword Marketing Superstar?

Building a new site or rebuilding an old one? Start with keyword marketing basics and then develop a keyword strategy . Planning and research lay the foundation for long term success.

Keyword optimization will help you structure your site, develop page templates, get listed in search engines and directories and start increasing the link popularity of your site. Online copywriting will show you how to use persuasive, keyword rich copy and text links to your advantage.

Site already build and not changing anytime soon? Learn professional strategies for buying keywords in pay per click advertising programs. You can reach a global audience on a budget of $20.00 or $200,000.00 per month. Keyword research is still critical here.

Plan to track your investment! Regardless of whether you purchase keywords or optimize your site for better rankings in search engine like Google, you'll want to track the results of your efforts and investments. The website analytics and ROI section will help you identify what to track, what measurements to use, and the tools that will suit your individual needs.

Keyword Marketing Superstar will help take action steps to increase search engine rankings, traffic, conversion rates and sales from your website. If you have any questions, or suggestions for new tutorials or articles, send email to adam at

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