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Try BetterPPC.com For $97.00/Month & Automatically Test & Optimize Google AdWords Ads!

Are you looking for an easy and inexpensive way to:

  • Make more money with Google AdWords

  • Quickly, easily and automatically optimize your ads

  • Generate higher click-through rates

  • Get a lower cost per click

  • Make more money when you get more traffic without raising your budget

With BetterPPC.com you can do all of these and more!

Try BetterPPC.com today for only $97.00 per month (regularly $299.00 - $499.00 per month) with this special offer from KeyWord Max! Visit BetterPPC.com now!

BetterPPC utilizes a simple but highly effective multivariate testing algorithm for optimizing your Google AdWords ads. It might sounds complicated and behind the scenes it probably is but it is extremely easy for you to use.

In order to use BetterPPC.com you just need to be able to write AdWords ads. You create 3 versions of each line of a AdWords ad (3 titles, and three variations of the first and second description lines). That's it!

Once you have the variations you want to test, you simply login to the BetterPPC.com web site and enter your ad text. Once the simple setup is complete and you've selected keywords, BetterPPC does the rest.

With the information you provide, BetterPPC will test twenty seven different ads and tell you which one works the best. You can do this with all your campaigns and all your ad groups until you raise your click-through rates significantly.

Now that MSN has essentially the same character limits as Google AdWords, and Yahoo! is expected to adopt a similar standard within the next year, you can take your top performing ads from Google and run them on Yahoo!, MSN and even Ask.com as well.

You might expect to pay a fortune for such a simple effective Google AdWords optimization tool and this package has previously sold for $499.00 per month. If you go to the www.BetterPPC.com homepage, it will cost you $299.00 per month to use this service. Since you've visited the KeywordMarketingSuperstar.com web site, you can take advantage of an amazing offer not generally available to the public.

Get unlimited monthly use of the BetterPPC Google AdWords optimization program for your account for only $97.00 per month!

  • Increase your click-through rates!
  • Lower your cost per click!
  • Get more traffic without raising your daily budget!
  • Automatically optimize your Google AdWords Ads!
  • Test 27 different variations of your ads!
  • Take your best performing Google AdWords ads and use them on MSN, Yahoo! and Ask.com as well!
  • Get all this for only $97.00 per month (a savings of at least $200.00 per month)
  • Get your money back if you aren't satisfied with the service.
  • Make more money and impress your boss or offer Google AdWords optimization services to your own clients!

Visit the BetterPPC.com web site now and start making more money with Google AdWords today. Limited time $97.00/month introductory offer. Get started now!

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