Google AdWord Generator - Develop Google AdWords Ads In a Snap and Make More Money!

Launch Google AdWords campaigns faster and easier with the new Google Ad Word Generator. (Buy Now - $97.00)

If you've used Google AdWords to promote your site or affiliate programs, you know it can take forever and be mind-numbing setting up your AdWords campaigns. It's well worth the effort to use AdWords but we've all got better things to do than the grunt work involved in actually posting the campaigns!

By now you're probably using the Google AdWords Analyzer to help identify low cost, high value keywords, something like ClickTracks to see what people actually do on your website and maybe a web analytics or pay per click tracking system specifically for pay per click advertising on Overture & Google AdWords. All these will help you improve the return you generate from your website.

You will be able to create, manage, and post Google AdWords listings much more quickly with the Ad Words Generator. Key benefits include:

  • Post ads automatically in the Google AdWords interface (This alone is worth the investment!)
  • Rapid development of thousands of Google AdWords ads for your keywords
  • Customized titles to attain better click-through rates
  • Get fresh ideas for lots of new innovative Google AdWords ads
  • Automatically spell check your ads
  • Automatically ensure your ads conform to the character limits of Google AdWords
  • An editorial checker to help ensure your ads comply with the editorial guidelines before you post them
  • An AdWords profit calculator to see how your ads are performing

The Google AdWords Generator will pay for itself many times over in the first campaign you setup!

  • If you run AdWords for your own site it will merely save you time.
  • If you run AdWords ads straight to affiliate sites it will save you time and you'll be able to test out more programs and create more ads for your best merchants
  • If you manage Google AdWords campaigns for other people you may charge anywhere up to $150.00 per hour for your services. Give your clients more for the money or keep your rates the same and make more for yourself.
  • If you pay someone else to create your AdWords campaigns, you may now be able to do it in-house and save on expensive agency or consulting fees.

If you are not using Google AdWords, now is the time to start!

While Google AdWords has been around for several years now, it is still an extremely valuable tool for promoting your business and making money online.

If you are starting from scratch and have never used Google AdWords, the following tools will help you get started and decrease your learning curve substantially:

You'll save thousands of dollars with these Google AdWords tools!

As usual, you'll find the best of breed tools reviewed and profiled on Keyword Marketing Superstar soon after they are released. The three tools above give you everything you need to plan, manage, and launch Google AdWords campaigns. Get started now!







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