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Pay Per Click Advertising On Overture - Learn the Basics Today

If you've ever wanted to be able to buy your way to the top of the search results page for a specific keyword or phrase, pay per click advertising on Overture is one way you can do it. If you bid high enough to show up in the top 3 listings, your listing will usually be syndicated on major search sites including YAHOO!, MSN, Lycos, AltaVista (now owned by Overture), Infospace, and other smaller partners . The more you are willing to pay for a click (indicated by your bid amount), the higher you rank. When it comes to pay per click advertising, you never pay for your ad being displayed, only when your audience clicks on your listing and actually visits your site.

There are two different sign-up options:

Self serve - You handle everything, keyword research, setting your bids, and development of your listings. You'll save $10.00 if you use this link to sign up today for the self serve option.

FastTrack - If you'd prefer to to have some help setting up your campaign, the FastTrack option is the way to go. You'll get a phone number to call for support and expert assistance with:

  • Search term selection
  • Writing professional titles and descriptions
  • Budget management
  • Account optimization
  • Setting up tracking URLs

Save $50.00 off the standard $199.00 FastTrack setup fee by clicking on this link.


You'll need to allocate at least $25.00 per month

On Overture you need to accrue a minimum of $25.00 per month in click charges or you will be charged the difference if you don't meet that requirement. Keyword prices are all over the map and now begin at $0.10 per click (this is the most expensive of any pay per click search engine advertising program). Depending on which keywords you choose you'll be able to get up to 200 referrals for the minimum budget.

Choose a bidding strategy.

  • High initial bids and high rankings on popular search terms
  • Lots of low bids and low rankings on popular keywords
  • Lots of low bids and high rankings on very specific search terms
  • A combination of all the above

High initial bids and high rankings on popular search terms

If you have the budget, you can purchase top rankings for all your desired search terms.. With an ROI tracking system in place that will track sales and other conversion events this can be a good (albeit expensive) way to put your keyword research and strategy to the test. Set high bids, get lots of traffic fast and measure the results. When you find keywords that generate positive results, use the Overture keyword tool or WordTracker to identify other similar terms that may also be appropriate for your site. Add some new terms, drop the losers, monitor your results, and repeat.

Lots of low bids and low rankings on popular keywords

A small budget doesn't limit the keywords you can bid on. If you choose really popular keywords, people will scroll through a page or two of results before clicking on a listing. Some will find yours and you'll get referrals. Just remember, you'll need to generate enough clicks to meet the monthly minimum. If you go this route and fill your account with $0.10 bids, you'll probably need to bid on lots of keywords to meet the minimum monthly spend of $20.00.

Lots of low bids and high rankings on very specific search terms

Large companies that have more money than sense and smaller companies that have neither money nor common sense often bid high on very general keywords, much higher than the clicks are worth. It's easier to spend money than take the time to find search terms that actually work. You can outsmart and out maneuver these folks if you dig deep and find the inexpensive highly targeted 2, 3, and 4 word search phrases that receive relatively few searches.

With this strategy your bids will be lower, your traffic will be highly targeted, and you may get less traffic. Since that traffic may be much more highly targeted than the frequently searched high cost general terms you may end up with more sales for less marketing dollars.

Lets say you build and sell luxury new homes. Instead of bidding on the term "luxury homes" or "new homes" find more specific modifiers to combine with those keywords. Modify by region (city, state, county), lifestyle (active adult, beach house, golf community), or additional descriptors (dream, single family, loft, townhouse), or a combination of several descriptors. The time required for setup and monitoring of this type of campaign will be greater, however your cash outlay will be lower and your bottom line results more impressive.

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