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PPC (Pay Per Click) Optimization With BetterPPC.com - Optimize Your Search Engine Advertising Campaigns

Would you like to systematically optimize PPC campaigns to increase ROI, generate more sales and lower your cost per click?

For just $97.00 per month (save over $200 per month off the regular rate with this limited time offer) you can subscribe to BetterPPC.com and do unlimited testing and tracking of Google AdWords ads to increase your click-through rate, pay less per click and make more money.

Pay Per Click search engine advertising used to be simple and inexpensive. At first you just picked keywords and placed bids. Your bid amount determined your ranking in the pay per click listings. There was no conversion tracking and companies purchased general keywords to increase the number of hits to their web sites.

Soon bid management services like GoToast (now Atlas One Point) and software programs like BidRank were developed to manage bids and automate the process of raising and lowering bids. These systems worked great when the primary goal was to generate traffic, maintain positions and satisfy the ego of the CEO who just wanted to be number 1. When you visit www.betterppc.com and signup today, you can begin to systematically test your ads instead of just adjusting your bids!

Google AdWords Adds Flexibility and Complexity to PPC Advertising & Makes PPC Optimization Much More Important

When Google AdWords burst onto the scene and used a mix of bid price and click-through rate to determine rankings within the PPC sponsored listings, advertisers with more targeted ads got higher placements, better click through rates and paid less for each click as the click-through rate of their ads increased.

Google AdWords was the first PPC advertising platform that offered advertisers the ability to test different ad text to see what ad copy drew the best click-through rate. Google also provided dynamic keyword insertion that make it easy for lazy advertisers to generate massive numbers of ads with the keyword automatically inserted into the title and/or description of the ad.

Larger PPC Budgets & Lazy Advertisers Increase Costs But Smart Marketers Can Still Beat the Pants Off Lazy Marketers With Big Budgets

Unlike buying traditional media or even banner ads online, search engine advertising takes work. Most advertisers and agencies either don't know how or are to lazy to create an effective campaign. Search engines don't really care if your campaigns are targeted because they get paid on the click. On Google and other engines, the more irrelevant your keywords and ad text are, the higher your click prices will be. Unless you are a really large advertiser who starts cutting back your budget, do you really think your reps are going to put a lot of work into your campaigns to bring down your cost per click and improve the performance of your campaign? Get real!

If you are willing to put in the time and effort and use the right tools, this leaves you with an incredible opportunity to make lots of money online if you are willing to put in the time and make use of start of the art tools like BetterPPC.com.


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